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1. (1) -2, 15, 39, 70,...,...., Find 6th Term
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2. (19) A London-based house increases in price by 30% over 2 years to 2200000 (2.2 million). What was its price before?

3. (15) There is a sale. At close on Wednesday the price of a jacket was reduced to 14.42. The price has come down at 10% per day starting on Monday. What was the original price before the sale started?

4. (4) 175,120,75,40,..... Find 5th, 16th and nth terms

5. (6) 82,91,106,127,154,....Find 9th and nth terms

6. (8) You decide to make a fruit drink with 3 parts lemonade and 2 parts cordial. You drink 1/2 of the cup then re-fill the glass with lemonade. What is the ratio of lemonade to cordial?

7. (3) 8,26,56,98,152,.... Find 11th and nth terms

8. (7) The instructions for a fruit drink say to mix one part blackcurrant juice with four parts water. I want to make one litre of this fruit drink. How much blackcurrant juice should I use? Give your answer in millilitres.

9. (18) A golf ball manufacturer wanted to put up the price of their golf-ball range by 16% to 12.95 per pack of 15. What was the price before hand?

10. (21) What is 86% of 438?

11. (2) 3,18,43,78,123,.... Find 6th term

12. (17) The price of a jacket fell by 18% to 14.50. What was its price before the fall?

13. (12) A boy grows by 42% to 171cm over 6 years. What was his height before.

14. (13) Doris alwaysmixes her springwashing paint mix as white to vanilla colours in a 3:9 ratio. This year she has 400mls of white paint and wants to use it all in her springpainting. Show working (remember given the ratio you can use the formula triangle)

15. (5) 6,18,33,51,.... Find 5th term

16. (14) A man buys a car for 3000. He was told it was 8000 brand new 2 years ago. By what percentage has the car depreciated?

17. (10) Some people think the growers should get more. Suppose the percentages change to: Retailers 23%, Growers 10%, Others 10%. Suppose the retailers still got 44p from each cup of coffee sold. How much would a cup of coffee cost? Show your working.

18. (16) The price of a jacket was 18.85 but was reduced in the sale by 25%. What is its reduced price?

19. (9) A cup of coffee costs 1.75. Retailers get 1.44, Growers get 5p and Others get 1.26. What percentage of the cost of a cup of coffee goes to retailers, growers and others?

20. (20) 27% of a number is 6. What is the number?

21. (11) The longest bone in the human body is in the leg. The average length of this bone in a man is fifty centimetres. In a woman it is ten per cent less. What is the average length of this bone in a woman?

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